VolumeShaper 6.0 (Mac) Plus Full Vst Crack [Latest 2022] Download

VolumeShaper 6.0 (Mac) Plus Full Vst Crack Full Torrent Free Latest Version Download 2022

VolumeShaper Crack features multiband waveform-based editing, a comprehensive selection of preset curves, a precise oscilloscope, a big spectrum view, and an updated preset library. It runs sample-accurate in sync with your DAW, in Hz mode up to the audible range, or retriggered via MIDI.

VolumeShaper 6.0 (Mac) Plus Full Vst Crack [Latest 2022] Download

The latest release from German developer Cableguys is an LFO-driven volume modulation plugin that improves upon its 6.0 predecessor with multiband functionality, a simple spectrogram, an online preset library, more preset waveshapes, and a redesigned interface.

At the bottom left of the GUI is the new Band Split display, wherein up to three frequency bands are defined for processing with their own LFO shapes. The slope of each crossover can be set to 6 or 12dB/octave, and the Zoom button expands the display to fill the whole interface. It’s a simple but effective setup.

VolumeShaper 6.0 Cracked Latest Download [2022]

One of its most useful and successful applications is the creation of sidechain compression-style effects. The majority of the action takes place in the Waveform display, in which you design your LFO shape by creating (up to 40) nodes and dragging them around, freely or snapped to the grid. An oscilloscope shows both input and output levels behind the LFO as a real-time audio waveform, making the accurate rhythmic positioning of peaks and troughs a doddle.

Nodes can be shaped between soft and hard, and you can store up to six user waves per preset for instant recall. You also get a range of creative starting points and ‘quick fix’ preset shapes, as well as nudge, left, and right buttons, plus ‘Randomize’ and ‘Mirror on X/Y-axis’ options in the right-click menu. The LFO can sync to host tempo (1/128 to 32 bars) or run free (0.02Hz to 5.24kHz), with playback position either slaved to the host DAW or retriggered by MIDI note input.

VolumeShaper 6.0 From Cableguys

From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gates, from tempo-synced stuttering to precise sample shaping, VolumeShaper provides a host of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.

VolumeShaper 6.0 features multiband waveform-based editing, a full selection of preset curves, an accurate oscilloscope, a wide-spectrum view, and an updated preset library. It runs with sample precision in sync with your DAW, in Hz mode up to the audible range, or triggered again via MIDI.

Volume Shaper 6.0 Features:

  • Strengthen the superior quality of your new music.
  • In particular, a large number of drum designs.
  • Electric power in the direction of delivering any style reliable with any style.
  • Also, Capable of drums that can excite a monitor.
  • Progressive intuitive consumer interface and optimal load on the CPU.

Detailed Features of VolumeShaper 6.0:

  • Single waveform editing: Draw waveforms with ease and precision. Create smooth Bezier curves, peaks, cuts, and slopes using soft or hard breakpoints, producing smooth transitions or sharp curves in the waveform. As with all Cableguys plugins, VolumeShaper’s waveform editing offers great flexibility and exceeds the automation functionality of most DAWs.
  • Additional editing functions: A right-click on a free area in the waveform opens a menu with additional editing options that allow you to select all points (great for easily scaling the intensity of the waveform), activate step drawing, flip the shape horizontal or vertical waveform, display triplet travel, skip the waveform or copy and paste the waveform. This menu also includes settings for the oscilloscope.
  • Oscilloscope: A sample-accurate oscilloscope displays the incoming and processed audio signal, so you can see exactly where to draw the curve, for faster and more accurate edits. You can enable/disable the left and right channels separately or freeze the oscilloscope in the additional edit menu (right-click in the waveform editor).
  • Knobs: SHIFT-click a knob to make fine adjustments, double-click it to set the default value.
  • Split band with spectrum: Add a high or low band by moving a split slider to the desired split frequency. You can also change the slope of each split filter from 6db to 12db; this option becomes visible when you move the mouse over the spectrum.
    • To hear only the output signal of the selected band, simply press the Solo button.
    • The magnifying glass opens an enlarged spectrum window for more detailed settings.


Cableguys - VolumeShaper 4.0 VST x86 x64

  • Waveform buttons: Many standard and frequently used waveforms are available as presets, including full-on and off, in these sections:
    • Crouch – for side-chain purposes
    • Cutout – detailed envelope modeling
    • Rhythm: to add a rhythm to your clips
    • Basic: saw, square, etc.
    • Local: save snapshots of the current waveform, which will be saved with the preset
    • setting. To retrieve them later, just click a button.
  • Mix knob: Controls the overall effect of VolumeShaper.
  • LFO: This LFO can take you places. Set it up as free-running, synced to the beat of your sequencer, or synced to the frequency of a note you’re playing, from long, shifting LFO lengths to audible range.
  • MIDI trigger: VolumeShaper is an audio effect, but it can receive MIDI from your DAW or any physical or virtual MIDI port, and you can choose to activate the LFO on any note or limit it to a single note.
  • User-friendly design: All controls are available in a single window, in a clear and neatly organized layout that still looks good after many hours in the studio.
  • library: The library ships with a selection of useful presets. If you want, you can sync them for backup to Cableguys server, and you can keep them private or share them with others, but it’s up to you, you don’t need to connect VolumeShaper to the internet if you don’t. want.
  • Parameter automation: From the speed of the LFO to the selection of the waveform, absolutely everything can be automated. You can even automate waveforms and breakpoint movements for dynamic effects.
  • Exceptional sound quality: VolumeShaper calculates the audio per sample. Your LFO is sample-accurate and will always be in sync, even when making tempo changes in your host software or jumping to different parts of your track.

The Shaper Things to Come:

So what can you actually do with all this? Beyond the obvious ‘trance gate’ and rhythmic chopping effects, one of its most useful and successful applications is the creation of sidechain compression-style effects, with the Ducking preset wave selection giving six templates with which to start, and far more detailed shaping being possible than you’d get from a triggered compressor.

The new multiband functionality means you can also tailor the ducking to occur only in a certain frequency range – in the bass, say.

Beyond that, you’ve got frequency-based removal or isolation of hi-hats, kick drums, etc, (by setting the LFO cycle to ‘grab’ those target elements in a loop) and envelope shaping of single drums by MIDI-triggering the LFO in 1-Shot mode (shortening just the higher frequencies of a kick drum, say).

VolumeShaper 6.0 Crack is a potent tool for mixing and reshaping, then, and it makes easy certain tasks that could be fiddly and imprecise using other tools.

On the creative front, plenty of fun’s to be had cranking the LFO rate up to very high speeds, too, generating glitchtastic amp mod distortion across the whole signal or just specific frequency ranges.

There are, of course, a few niggles. Although each of the three bands can be soloed by pressing its S button, the bypass switch is buried in the right-click menu – we’d prefer a button.

Also, time and frequency scales in the waveform and Band Split display are notable by their absence (although a mouse-over tooltip on the Band Splits does at least reveal their frequency); and – as with all Cableguys plugins – there’s no manual.

It’s not a difficult plugin to get to grips with by any means, but documentation is a must with any piece of software.

Software Information:

  • VolumeShaper 6.0
  • Cableguys
  • 6.0
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13

System requirements:

  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Mac OSx 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13

How to Download VolumeShaper 6.0?

This is a complete offline installer and standalone setup for VolumeShaper 6.0 Cableguys For Mac. This would be working perfectly fine with a compatible version of Windows.

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